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Welcome to Pearls Counselling and Therapy.

Clear, Applicable, Practical, Proven, and Effective Solutions for Living, Relationships, and Mental Health

If you are searching for help for yourself or a loved one, or a professional seeking to refer a client, I can help.

In a caring and supportive environment, I will help you develop the resources you need to effectively manage personal, relational, and mental health difficulties. 

Pearls grow because of adversity. You, too, as you develop the ability to manage difficulties, will grow in power, strength, resilience, worth, splendour, and influence. 

I am glad you have taken this first step on the thrilling life-changing journey to a new you—a strong, confident, and fulfilled you.

I am happy that you acknowledge your situation and needs, embrace your desires, aspirations and goals, and remain hopeful in the face of difficulties.

You may be not be certain about your situation, if you need help now, or if counselling or therapy are effective. I am happy to help.

Please consider this: If you could manage the difficulties you experience, how would you feel? What would you think about yourself? How would you approach problems in the future? Would you not be thrilled, calm, peaceful, and hopeful; think of yourself as powerful, strong, creative, capable, and effective; and face the future with confidence?

You may not be certain about your situation, whether to get help now of if counselling or therapy are effective. You may need support through a challenging situation or want to move in a new direction in your life. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call or email, or write your concerns in the contact form.

You are no longer alone; I am here and happy to help. Let us talk to find how I may help.

Call or Text 204-995-2735 or fill out the contact form. 

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