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Hello! I am pleased to introduce myself to you. My name is Josiah Mutua. I am a counsellor and therapist. For the past nine years, I have provided individual, couples, marriage, and family counselling and therapy in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I have a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology. I recently completed the course work in Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology degree (Psy.D.); however, Supervised Clinical Practice has been postponed due to COVID-19.

After graduating from university in 1981, the experience of mentoring high school and college students, and teaching high school ignited my passion for counselling. I delight in working with people to help them develop resources and strategies for managing the challenges in their lives and situations so they can experience change and growth and pursue their aspirations unhindered. Passion is essential; however, I am committed to ongoing study, creativity, practice, and evaluation help develop expertise in counselling and therapy. Therefore, I approach every case with curiosity and anticipation, confident that I can leverage resources within and outside people to help them bring about the change they need and to grow.

Married for 34 years, my wife and I have three adult children and two grandchildren. I enjoy spending time with my family, yard work, and restoration of household items and machinery.


My Approach

Practical: I help people develop practical, logical, and effective approaches to working through challenging situations or conditions. Therefore, I work with individuals, couples, and families to develop a thorough description of the challenge, gain an accurate, unbiased understanding of the challenge to establish the pattern or prediction of the occurrence of the challenge, and identify the factors that maintain the challenge.

Strength-based: People have strengths and resources. I see strength, resources, resolve, hope, and purpose in every person who seeks help. People with worthwhile goals seek help when challenges threaten or frustrate the attainment of their goals. Therefore, I help people identify and validate the strengths and resources they have applied in the past and work with them to develop strategies for implementing these resources to gain mastery over their current situation or condition. 

Holistic: There is a two-way interaction between the challenges that people experience and their physical and psychological wellbeing, spirituality, quality of social engagement, and their environment. Therefore, I work with individuals to help them identify and appreciate these relationships to broaden the understanding of their challenges, determine what needs to change, identify potential resources and supports, and develop strategies for recruiting the resources to bring about change.

Developmental: Psychological distress resulting from adverse events, experiences, and exposures is likely to initiate a style of coping with a unique set of beliefs, perceptions, and expectations in a person. In the future, psychological distress is likely to activate this coping style. Therefore, I help people identify rigid beliefs, perceptions, and expectations that maintain coping reactions, and develop flexible beliefs, perceptions, and expectations that reduce their reaction and increase their ability to manage their response to their challenge. I also help people identify and remedy the deficits in their developmental milestones that maintain their difficulties.

Integrative: My goal is to help people develop a rational and practical approach to solving problems and engaging in the change and growth processes. Therefore, I use Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based therapies (EBTs) that are effective in altering distressing thoughts and behaviours. I integrate CBT with therapies, such as Psychodynamic Theory, that relate to the development and maintenance of problematic person-environment interactions and coping styles.

Collaborative: My role is to facilitate the change that people want in their situations. However, it is the actions of the individuals that bring about change and growth. Therefore, I work with and engage people in every aspect of the treatment—assessment, treatment goals, intervention, and evaluation. I also work with other health care providers such as family physicians and psychiatrists to ensure coordination of services to maximize health benefits, and social supports such as family members to develop support.

Cultural sensitivity: Cultural beliefs, values, and practices strongly influence how people experience, express, deal with and respond to distress in others. Culture provides prescriptions and proscriptions about behaviour. Therapy should lessen distress and conflict; therefore, cultural sensitivity is central to my work. I engage people’s cultural awareness to ensure culturally informed assessment and understanding of their difficulties and to develop culturally appropriate interventions. 

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