Providing Individual, Couples and Family Counselling, and Therapy for Mental Health

Pearls Counselling and Therapy is passionate about and committed to improving people's wellbeing. Wellbeing, the state of being happy, comfortable, and healthy, enables people to pursue their goals with confidence, power, and strength. Therefore, wellbeing enables people to thrive in all areas of life, relationships, occupation, and other important roles. 

Pearls Counselling and Therapy will support you in your situation, work with you to develop resources, and help learn how to apply the resources to manage your responses to the problems. Problems need practical solutions. The skills you will learn will be practical, applicable, and effective. The benefit of this approach is that you will develop a toolkit for solving problems in the future!

To accommodate people’s needs, circumstances, and preferences, counselling and therapy sessions are offered in three modes from which you can choose:

  • In-person
  • Video
  • Phone 

Your wellbeing is the priority. First Session is Free!

Pearls Counselling and Therapy provides the first session unconditionally free. The free session serves the following purposes: 

First, if you are exploring counselling or therapy, you will have a firsthand experience of the counselling process and get answers to the questions you may have . 

Second, you will be able to assess the most critical determinant of the effectiveness of the service your are seeking: the fit between you and the counsellor, that is, your sense of connection with the counsellor or therapist. 

Third, you will be able to assess the expertise of the counsellor or therapist in relation to your concern. 

Fourth, you will feel better! The purpose of the first session is to listen to you, to assess the level of the difficulty you experience, and to help you feel better and give you some skills to improve your level of functioning.

Please do not let financial circumstances hold you back. You are not alone! Contact Pearls Counselling and Therapy right now! 

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